Sex with superman

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Sex, Lies and Videotape

sex with superman
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Wonder Woman and Superman Have Some Sex

It's come to this. Superman sex. The sheer magnitude of Superman's love-making is crucial to the overarching plot of Garth Ennis' The Boys and at least two Kevin Smith films.

Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex is a essay in which science fiction author Larry Niven details the problems that Superman would face in sexual intercourse and reproduction with a human woman, using arguments based on humorous reconciliation between physics , biology , and the abilities of Kryptonians as presented in Superman comic books.
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This started as far back as the early days of the comic, when he was building the Fortress of Solitude. This was later retconned into Superman having an amorous relationship with Krypto, because being Kryptonian, he was the only being on Earth that could survive sex with Superman.

Ah, how things change over four decades. The above quote comes from Superman in World's Finest explaining that - despite his natural attraction to Wonder Woman - the two of them could never progress past friendship Admittedly, the "why" is somewhat hidden in his statement; let's put it down to his heart belonging to Lois Lane at the time, shall we? He delivers the line at the end of a story that saw the two Justice Leaguers team up to fight crime after being set up on a blind date together by a computer dating service, with Wonder Woman telling him, "Funny… we've been acquaintances for years -- Yet we've never really gotten to be friends! Maybe we should do something about that! In response to the "I shouldn't! Plus, these were comics and characters aimed squarely at a kid demographic, and such soap opera romances didn't really feature in the formula at the time. But the issue World's Finest excuse that the two shouldn't be together just because started to fall by the wayside in more recent years, as audiences became less willing to put up with the status quo and creators more happy to push and pull at accepted ideas in the name of a good story - or, at least, a shocking hook to make you pay attention and pick up the book.

Sex, Lies and Videotape is the thirteenth episode of the fourth season. Photo finish? A cuddly shot of Superman with a married woman Lois!

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