Souma x erina

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souma x erina
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Poll Vote : Souma X (Erina Vs Megumi)

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Azami x Mana has some similarities to Souma x Erina. If anything, their interactions are almost the polar opposite. Senzaemon has spent a considerable amount of time playing matchmaker in the background between Erina and Souma.

It was Senzaemon who rescued Erina from her father's abuse, taking legal custody for the remaining duration of her childhood. Erina holds deep respect for her grandfather, tending to see him as an authority figure rather than a family member. Senzaemon has faith in Erina's abilities and grants her considerable freedom, but regrets that he is unable to undo the effects of Azami's abuse on his own. Mana is the biological mother of Erina as well as the bookmaster of WGO. Not much was known about the relationship between the mother and daughter, however Erina reveals that Mana is in control of BLUE and had set Erina's bracket to match against one Noir Chef after another. Erina seems quite angry at this setup as she believes Mana no longer cares about the "weak" chefs and uses her to take them all out, leaving the "superhuman" chefs left in the competition. However, Erina also insinuates that Mana no longer needs her daughter's "God Tongue", which leaves Erina to declare that she will use her superhuman ability to take over BLUE by showing her true power.

Souma is a protagonist, but also a troll. Erina is interesting to me because she shows us that a female character can still be vulnerable and still be a god-tier powerhouse without necessarily being op. I mean the process is already starting. He was irritated at first but that statement was the one to tick him off. I ask why? Why get mad about that?

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