Guy makes love to car

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Kansas Man Caught Having Sex With Car

guy makes love to car
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Man admits having sex with 1,000 cars

You even believe that your relationship is going somewhere., Smith, 63, is a "mechaphile," the term for someone sexually attracted to planes, trains and automobiles.

Edward Smith, who lives with his current "girlfriend" — a white Volkswagen Beetle named Vanilla, insisted that he was not "sick" and had no desire to change his ways.
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Edward Smith, Man Who Has Had Sex With 999 Cars, Ready To Commit To VW Beetle (VIDEO)

A man who has had sex with over cars has revealed how he had his first physical experience of car love with a Volkswagen Beetle. As a mechaphile, Edward is sexually attracted to machines — and as well as having sex with cars, has also had a relationship with a helicopter and planes, claiming they are all better than women. I cannot deny there were a number of neighbourhoods that… a lot of them were like car lots. And then of course, the rest is just physical satisfaction — masturbation is, I guess, the word. And despite having another, simultaneous relationship with a Ford Ranger called Ginger, Edward said there is no resentment on Vanilla's part.


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